The social dialogue “Young to younger” reached Kragujevac as well

The social dialogue “Young to younger” reached Kragujevac as well

After Belgrade, Čačak, Pančevo, Užice, the social dialogue “Young to the young” was also held in Kragujevac, with the aim of motivating high school students to think constructively and positively, through discussions with students of several faculties.

The students of the University of Kragujevac transferred to the high school students the knowledge and experience gained during schooling, which will be useful in developing positive attitudes and solving dilemmas during the educational process.

In addition to the students, the director of the Office for Dual Education and NOKS prof. Dr. Gabrijela Grujić and Mayor Nikola Dašić.

“It seems to us that young people sometimes have dilemmas, and it happens that they cannot find an adequate solution, so they often ‘wander’. Since we as adults often do not recognize these situations in time, or young people do not hear us, a better solution is for students who are only a few years older to talk to them. “Students have the necessary communication skills to address their juniors in the right way, to present them with a career path and explain that the problems they will encounter are not actually problems, but challenges for which there is a whole series of solutions,” said director Grujić.

The dialogue is an initiative of the Office for Dual Education and the National Qualification Framework, and is implemented in cooperation with the SKONUS organization. In the coming period, the Office will establish a permanent Social Dialogue Initiative Team “Young and Young”, which will be available to young people from all over Serbia.