The national qualifications framework is a unique, integrated system of qualifications for lifelong learning that includes all levels and types of qualifications, regardless of the age at which they are acquired and the way they are acquired (through formal or informal education, i.e. informal learning, i.e. life or work experience). NOKS enables comprehensibility, clarity and transparency of existing qualification systems (eg higher education qualification system, secondary professional education qualification system and other systems).

The purpose of NQFS is the regulation and improvement of the qualifications system in accordance with the requirements of social and economy development, and providing support to applying the concept of life-long learning and enabling easier mobility of workforce.

In accordance with this, goals of establishing NQFS are as follows:

  • providing comprehensibility, clear overview and transparency of qualifications, as well as their interconnections;
  • development of qualifications standards based on the requirements of labour market and society as a whole;
  • providing the orientation towards learning outcomes;
  • improving the approach, flexibility of paths and mobility in the formal and non-formal education;
  • providing the recognition of non-formal and informal learning;
  • improving collaboration between relevant stakeholders;
  • providing quality system within the process of development and acquiring qualifications;
  • providing comparability and recognition of qualifications acquired in the Republic of Serbia with qualifications acquired in other states.
National Qualifications Framework in Serbia