The dual model of study is a model of teaching in higher education in which, through active teaching at a higher education institution and practical training and work at the employer (work-based learning), knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes are acquired, improved, that is, built in accordance with study program and qualification standard. A higher education institution can organize a study program of academic or professional studies according to the dual model.

Work-based learning is an integral part of the study program according to the dual model of study that carries a certain number of ECTS and is an organized process during which students at the employer, guided by a mentor, apply theoretical knowledge in a real working environment, have direct contact with business procedures and technologies used in the business world , connect with working professionals and prepare for the world of work.

The goal of introducing the dual model of study is to provide students with the opportunity to significantly increase their competitiveness on the labor market and increase their employability.

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