Word from the Director

The philosophy of education should become every young person’s philosophy of life in the 21st century. Dual education plays a big role in this field, because it represents a suitable response to the growing challenges brought to us by this era of rapid technical and technological development.

By providing  conditions for young people to acquire competencies through a dual learning model, through theoretical teaching and learning, through work-based learning actual working environment, we ensure a significantly better quality of education for future generations, which represents the central prerequisite for faster career development. Nonetheless, companies have already demonstrated how prized workforce educated in accordance with the dual model is to them, because it ensures sustainability and innovation in business. Along with the continuous improvement of the qualifications system through the National Qualifications Framework of the Republic of Serbia (NQFS), in accordance with the requirements of accelerated development, the Office aims to provide responsible support for the concept of lifelong learning.

Bearing in mind that competent and high-quality workforce is one of the vital assets of countries engaged in the race for investments, as well as that education is a central pillar of building a successful career, the national model of dual education is here today, but it also will be a sure path to the future of Serbia!

Prof. Dr. Gabrijela Grujic, Director of the Office for Dual Education and National Qualifications Framework

A Mission

The mission of the Office for Dual Education and National Qualifications Framework is to establish dual education as one of the main carriers of the development of personnel and economic potential of Serbia, as well as to develop standards of qualifications in accordance with the development of a modern society, to ensure quality in the process of obtaining qualifications, as well as their comparability and recognition with qualifications obtained in other countries.

The Office’s focus is on creating opportunities for the development of the dual model and the realization of its full potential, which is deemed to conduct to immesurable benefits to the young, the economy, and all the members of Serbia’s society. The Office focuses its activities on strengthening citizens’ awareness, especially that of the young people, about the advantages of dual education in the context of their future careers, whether they decide to work for an employer or to develop their own private businesses.

The mission of the Office is also to ensure the quality of education, which it will do by further implementing the dual model and improving the NQFS. With the aim of supporting schools and higher education institutions, the Office, in coordination with other relevant social partners, will strive to help and recommend the creation of dual education programs.


The vision of the Office for Dual Education and the NQFS is for dual education to become a personal choice for young people by 2030, within a platform that also leads to a secure career.

Education will always be the pillar of the economic development of every society. It, however, has to be based on the overall set of competencies of workforce, which include knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes. For long time now, the economy has needed an educated and professionally trained staff, in accordance with the development of digitization, automation and the Green Agenda. Staff educated according to the dual model in Serbia, in cooperation with companies that are leaders in their respective fields of business, are able to respond to any  task of the globally high-positioned economy acters. Therefore, the qualifications they acquired in Serbia remain comparable to and are recognized in other countries.

Young people in Serbia educated according to the dual model have already proven that they have the necessary knowledge to develop a successful business career, which is one of the important conditions that motivates them to plan their lives and start families in their country, where a secure future awaits them.