Dr Vesna Fabian
Acting Assistant Director for the National Qualifications Framework

Dr Vesna Fabian obtained doctoral degree in 2019 from the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade, specialising in Andragogy. Her doctoral research focused on vocational trainings and the position of the individual in the labor market, earning the qualification of Doctor of Andragogic Sciences. Prior to doctorate, she completed undergraduate studies in andragogy at the same institution.

Throughout her career, Dr Fabian has worked in the employment service, actively participating in numerous projects aimed at improving the employment prospects of individuals through various measures and activities. She has focused primarily on projects related to additional education and training programmes for less employable groups. Additionally, she has served as a consultant in education and employment, for both national and international organizations.

From July 2016 to January 2023, Dr Vesna Fabian worked at the Ministry of Education, where she focused on harmonising the education system with the demands of the labor market. Her work involved establishing and implementing the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) System in Serbia, including its referencing with the European Qualifications Framework. Since January 2023, she has been employed at the Office for Dual Education and the National Qualifications Framework, where she continues her commitment to implementing the NQF system in the Republic of Serbia.

Dr Fabian is a member of the Advisory Group for the European Qualifications Framework in Brussels (European Qualifications Framework Advisory Group). She holds the position of president in the Sector Skill Council for the business administration sector and is a member of the Society of Andragogists of Serbia. She has actively participated in numerous professional and scientific conferences, both nationally and internationally, and her expertise is demonstrated through the publication of professional and scientific works in scientific journals.