Mrs Grujić and Prime Minister Brnabić visited the “Inmold” company in Požega

Mrs Grujić and Prime Minister Brnabić visited the “Inmold” company in Požega

Assistant Minister of Education Professor Gabrijela Grujić and the Prime Minister of Serbia Mrs Ana Brnabić have visited today the “Inmold” company in Požega, which implements the dual education programme and thus provides the young people with the possibility to acquire modern and applicable knowledge and encourages their employment.

Prime Minister Brnabić has underlined that the Technical School in Požega will be turned into a regional centre for training on CNC machines, “because it is the occupation we need most and the demand of which is so high, and it also allows for more investments in Serbia, as well as for citizens to work much better paid jobs”.

“So far, we have invested about EUR 620,000 in the Technical School just in the first phase. The first phase was completed today, and we will invest additional EUR 1.7 million in the second phase. All this started thanks to the cooperation of “Inmold” and the Technical School, and we as the Government are investing additionally, in order to encourage faster and better development”, said Prime Minister Brnabić.

She has said that in addition to the investment in the Technical School, there will also be investment in the Gymnasium and the entire educational complex in Požega, because the economy recognized this as important for further development.

“I am proud to say that today we export robots to the world right from Požega, from “Inmold”. It just shows what Serbia can do, how much it knows and how much it’s worth, and the Government of Serbia will be there to provide additional help so that development would be even faster”, emphasized the Prime Minister.

Assistant Minister of Education Gabrijela Grujić, in charge of dual education, assessed that knowledge in “Inmold” was transferred in an inspiring real work environment.

“I was truly fascinated by the new energy, strength and motivation of the young people. It is commendable that those who are in the third or fourth year help the younger ones who are in the first year and together with the instructors provide support to the key idea and essence of dual education – which is the integration of theory and practice. “It is these young people who will make the greatest contribution to the “Inmold “company not only by making it self-sustainable in the future, but also by making it innovative,” Mrs Grujić said.